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What Is Rigid Core?

Rigid core is a construction method used to manufacture luxury vinyl flooring. When we consider the many reasons (style, waterproof, durability) for the recent popularity of vinyl flooring, rigid core selections tend to bring out the best of each.

What’s So Great About It?

It’s difficult to think of a “one-size-fits-all” solution that actually suits everyone perfectly. Rigid core is an exception that does this well, from tight-budgeted homeowners to aficionados seeking the latest in style and luxury. Here’s why.

Rigid Core Luxury Vinyl Flooring is Stylish

For generations, both hardwood and stone flooring have adorned mansions, banquet halls and even castles. This timeless trend proves that nature is both beautiful and expensive.

Unfortunately, these options don’t always fit the budgets of most homeowners. This is where rigid core flooring comes into play; modern selections can be designed to perfectly mimic the look and even texture of their natural counterparts. This detail includes even the very fine grains that make the patterns of hardwood and stone flooring so appealing. See for yourself in our Mission Pine and Pillar Mix selections.

Resistant to Spills and Seasonal Changes

Although hardwood and stone flooring are often praised for their durability, they’re actually much more prone to damage from the elements than most realize. For example, many solid hardwood selections can be adversely impacted by varying humidity and temperature changes throughout the year. Both it and stone can also be stained or damaged by excessive moisture or spills that aren’t cleaned immediately.

Many rigid core selections are not impacted by these seasonal changes. Hot or cold, dry or humid, rigid core maintains its integrity throughout the year. Since it’s waterproof, spills won’t damage or degrade your flooring, even if it’s not cleaned right away.

Rigid Core is Durable

While luxury vinyl flooring tends to be tough, rigid core takes it one step further. It’s naturally resistant to scuffs and scratches left behind by heaving drops, sliding furniture and excited pets. With the ScufResist™ Platinum Finish, rigid core floors are even more resistant to surface damage. Stability is also improved, protecting your home’s flooring even beyond the individual panels.

It’s Easy to Install

Which each flooring selection is different, many lines of rigid core flooring use a click/float installation technique. This means that tiles or panels are simply clicked into place just like a puzzle. No special knowledge or training is required. In many cases, rigid core can even be installed directly on top of your existing flooring.

It’s Quiet

Noise reduction is easily achieved with the acoustical backing included with many rigid core flooring lines. This helps reduce noise transfer both within the room or to rooms on the floor below. So whether it’s a TV, home theater system, or just late-night busy bodies, you won’t have to worry about disturbing others in a nearby room.

Rigid Core Includes Longer Warranties

How nice would it be if you could go decades without worrying about your home’s flooring? Given its resilience and durability, rigid cure luxury vinyl flooring often includes warranties that extend for decades, even lifetimes. For example, Loveland Pass includes a 20 year residential warranty, while Chancel Oak is guaranteed to last the lifetime of your house. Both selections also offer above average commercial warranties.