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Flooring installation isn’t as straightforward as it used to be – and that’s a good thing. It’s not just about fitting your floors perfect and making them look great. The right installation practices can help protect your home and lower energy costs.

Carpet Padding

Effervescent clean carpet in a living room

When purchasing new carpet, the carpet itself is only half the decision. The type of padding you choose is equally important. The right padding will help improve the lifetime of your carpet. Newer selections can also increase the R-value (insulation rating) of your room. Padding made of memory foam, rubber and a few other materials is also more comfortable to walk on.

Hard Surface Padding

Eminence waterproof hardwood flooring in a kitchen

Like carpet, some hard surface options come built with padding as well. This adds both stability and comfort to hardwood, vinyl, stone and other tile and plank flooring. It can also help reduce noise transfers, especially between different levels of the home.

Glue Down Installation

Orchestration Minerals stone-look vinyl flooring in a bathroom

Glue down installation offers exceptional durability in high-traffic areas. Glue down is a more permanent flooring solution as it bonds directly with the subfloor. It maximizes moisture resistance and better absorbs impacts. And if you believe that you may want new floors in the future, you can still lay new flooring on top of glue-down floors.

Floating Floors

Loveland Pass Rigid Core flooring in a living room

Floating installation removes the need for glue or nails. Each tile or plank snaps or clicks into place. This offers a much better option for below-grade flooring (basements, garages, etc). Most floating floors create a moisture barrier during installation. While floating installation isn’t always as durable as glue down, it can be installed over existing flooring.

Uniclic MultiFit Technology

Lake Superior laminate flooring in a kitchen

The patented Uniclick is an improvement over traditional floating installations. It can also be installed over existing floors but offers more stability. And Uniclic isn’t just moisture resistant, it’s completely waterproof. This makes it the perfect choice for kitchens, bathrooms and below-grade installations. It’s also great for any room with kids or pets.

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Flooring isn’t as simple as it used to be – it has benefited from many innovations that improve its performance and longevity. If you’re looking for guidance to finding the perfect choice for your home, visit Gainesville’s top flooring experts at CarpetsPlus COLORTILE today!