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A love for the earth and appreciation of visual arts are what help set the people of Gainesville apart – so it only makes sense that we’d want to adorn our homes with styles that demands attention and pay homage to the world we love. Fortunately, some of the most stunning, luxurious fashions are those inspired by natures. And this means good news for your home’s flooring.

Although the natural look certainly isn’t new to flooring, recent innovations have led to more styles, luxury and durability than ever before. Even better, sustainability has become paramount in the flooring industry. So if you’ve considered adding a touch of luxury to your home the natural way, here are a few options to consider.

Tile and Stone Flooring

Living room with stone flooring

Stone flooring has been used for many years to adorn palaces, wedding venues and banquet halls. Now, that same luxury can be brought to your home at a reasonable price – available in more styles than ever before. Yet despite the varying options, they all feature the same stunning, distinctive natural features that have and continue to captivate.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic is another natural material that can be used to achieve the beauty of both stone and look – often (thought not always) with better durability and price point.


Brick-like tile room scene

Porcelain is renowned for its contemporary beauty. It’s also versatile enough to easily enhance any style. Although we tend to think of porcelain as smooth, it’s also available in porous and textured designs.

Mosaics/Glass Tile

Glass tile for a fireplace

A classic favorite for kitchens and bathrooms, the mosaic patterns of glass tile are increasingly making an appearance elsewhere in the home. The customization options of tile are virtually limitless, allowing them to perfectly compliment the style of any element.

Hardwood Flooring

Gray Grizzly Bay hardwood flooring

Hardwood is the original natural flooring choice, but it has also benefited from new innovations in style. In fact, our Destination Hardwood selection features timeless classics and contemporary favorites available in more colors and even patterns than have been traditionally available.

Of course, going natural doesn’t mean that you can mix it up! Hardwood flooring is available in more colors than you’ll find in the forest. For example, Grizzly Bay is available in the increasingly popular gray scale color. And certain finishes, such as the aluminum oxide finish found on Harvested Beam Oak, offer a beautiful shine that can’t be found in nature.

Don’t be Afraid to Mix it Up

Nature isn’t exactly uniform – and your home’s design doesn’t always have to be either! Part of the fun in selecting a luxurious style based on natural materials is the opportunity for personalization. Wood planks and stone tile won’t always perfectly align – and that’s okay. Granted, you don’t want to go completely awry, but some variations in size, color and even tone are perfectly acceptable. Just ensure that you’re using colors and tones that compliment each other. Needless to say, our main takeaway here is that a little chaos is perfectly fine in moderation.

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