Gainesville CarpetsPlus COLORTILE carries the custom and professional cabinetry of Mid Continent Cabinetry and StarMark brands.


Both are leaders in the kitchen cabinetry and bath vanity market, and both carry a large variety of cabinets to fit any needs. They specialize in custom cabinets, painted cabinets, glazed cabinets, storage options, and so much more, with styling options aligned with modern, traditional, and updated home fashions.

Mid Continent Cabinetry has a large selection of glazed, painted, and natural wood cabinets, perfect for any kitchen. All of their kitchen cabinets have plenty of options, such as custom glass and grille choices, drawer options, and different wood species.


Mid Continent Cabinetry also offers kitchen cabinetry storage options, accessories, and molding.


They provide a wide variety of kitchen cabinetry storage solutions, both for cabinet organization and for hard to reach areas. Getting things out of the deep storage of your kitchen actually can be easy with their innovative storage designs. They have a variety of options for smaller spaces, allowing you to utilize an area that you may have thought was too small. Solutions are also available for display and extra areas, where you want to show off items instead of hiding them away.



Accessories include spice racks, drawer organizers, pullout cutting boards, fold out mixing stands and more.


They provide a wide variety of kitchen cabinetry accessories. Fold out mixing stands, hiding cutting boards, and more are all available to increase your productivity and provide additional food prep areas. These accessories are a great way to make the most out of your kitchen cabinetry, and are designed to be as elegant and strong as the cabinets themselves.


Custom Paint

Match your decor, complement your walls, or go crazy. With custom cabinet colors, any color is possible. Custom paint options also extends to their Custom Vanity Program, allowing you to color match you bath vanity to your bathroom decor.

StarMark Cabinetry creates affordable and handcrafted quality, custom cabinets, with attention to detail that matters. StarMark cabinets are made in America by craftsmen in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

At StarMark Cabinetry, a cabinet isn’t punched out of wood and then stored on a warehouse shelf until you order it. We make each cabinet by hand, one at a time, to your exact specifications.


Are you wondering if you can afford cabinetry that kitchen designers love to specify? You can! When you compare a quote for StarMark Cabinetry to a quote from a home center, remember:


Your StarMark Cabinetry will last your lifetime. It won’t need to be replaced after ten years.


Our custom cabinetry arrives to your home assembled, saving precious dollars on installation and giving you unparalleled fit and finish.


StarMark Cabinetry is built in 1/16 inch increments, so you can use every inch of space in the room.


Kitchen cabinetry defines the look of a room and can influence the feel of an entire home. Set the tone with StarMark’s inset cabinetry when you want quality craftsmanship, classic beauty and smooth, clean lines.

Need Inspiration?


Take a look at these premium custom cabinetry options or contact us here. Our experts will help you create your affordable custom cabinet design tailored your home, and warranted to last.